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VW T6 Bluemotion Highline Camper Van

Our luxurious Carrick Conversion with central heating and 3 years warranty.
9,400 Ml 04/2018

VW Bluemotion 140bhp Highline Camper Van

T6 LWB Highline 140 6 speed with sat nav and media Our brand new luxury Carrick Conversion just fitted
49,100 Ml 05/2016

VW T6 Tdi 150 6 speed Camper Van our luxury Carrick Conversion just fitted

TDi Bluemotion 150bhp
8,200 Ml 02/2018

VW T6 TDi Bluemotion Highline Camper Van

VW T6 TDi Bluemotion Camper LPG Tank for heating and kitchen Microwave oven
17,630 Ml 03/2018

VW T6 150 BHP TDi Highline Camper

T6 TDi Bluemotion 150 bhp 6 speed. Our luxury Carrick Conversion just fitted with 3 years warranty
8,600 Ml 07/2018

VW TDi Camper Van Pure Grey S Spec

Pure Grey S Spec Camper Air Con Our luxury Carrick Conversion just fitted
3,250 Ml 06/2018

Our brand new Alphard Wide Bed Carrick Conversion with underslung LPG Tank for kitchen and heating
54,000 Ml

VW T6 Transporter Luxury Camper Van Our Carrick Elite Conversion just fitted

Luxury Camper LPG Tank for cooking and heating Microwave oven Vanshade Blinds
14,161 Ml 03/2018
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